Have you ever seen a foreign movie with the spoken text translated and visible to read at the bottom of the screen? Have you ever seen your own favorite movies on DVD or on TV with some strange text appearing at the bottom of the screen?

Subtitling is a type of audiovisual translation that has its own specifications, rules and criteria. The first thing to do before exploring the world of subtitling is to understand that this type of translation belongs to “subordinate translation”. Thus, it is a translation that has restrictions of time and space which directly affect the final result.

Some of the services I can offer you as a

Subtitling Technician:

  • Prepare translated material for subtitling or closed captioning
  • Synchronize subtitles/closed captions with dialogue through Time-Code
  • Render and export final translated video with embedded subtitles/closed captions

Screen Translator:

  • Translate documentaries and films for the screen or voice dubbing
  • Translate scripts in combination with video recording
  • Translate video recordings without scripts based on listening skills
  • Utilize electronic and hard copy dictionaries to accurately translate scientific terms and slang
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