Translators translate written material from one language to another. Interpreters translate oral communication from one language to another during speeches, meetings, conferences, debates and conversation, or in court or before administrative tribunals.

The video above is an example of my personal translation (Arabic/English) and subtitling skills. The subject of the video has a political theme and the English audio has been translated into standard Arabic subtitles. As a certified translator/interpreter appointed by official Lebanese courts to translate documents and interpret litigation to foreign subjects residing in Lebanon.

My target and source languages are English and Arabic only.

I’m in the process of finalizing a major translation project related to the laws and rules of driving in Ontario. The Arabic translation has been completed and digitized, but few bugs in the programming of the digital file are being ironed out. I will post an update once it’s ready for release.

Some of the services I can offer you as a translator are:

  • Translate a variety of written material such as correspondence, reports, legal documents, technical specifications and textbooks from one language to another, maintaining the content, context and style of the original material to the greatest extent possible
  • Localize software & accompanying technical documents for another language and culture adaptation
  • Revise and correct previously translated material

Below is a list of almost all TV translations I did.

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