A Trip Down the River

It was such a beautiful day yesterday (Aug 30th) that we had to do something special. So my wife and I decided to get into the water and cruise the day away.

We parked the car in a public parking lot located 2 min. from the dock. Got our tickets we booked online, then got on the boat. The upper deck was full when we arrived. I guess next time we should be there one hour earlier at least. Anyways, all the seats were taken, except on the lower deck. So we stayed standing checking things around on the upper deck for a good 20 minutes until we adjusted to the boat’s movement. We then headed to the lower deck, which proved to be a better experience for us, because we had the seats, and the entire place for just the two of us for almost the entire two hour cruise. During that time my shutter finger didn’t stop taking photos of course. Here’s some:

If you were to visit Windsor or Detroit, I would recommend such a cruise for a better perspective of the two neighboring cities, and also for the history highlights of their landmarks narrated by a young men over the PA system.

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