My 20+ Super Cars

A car is not an ordinary vehicle that drives you from one point to another. It’s more than that. It’s a ship that takes you in a journey of meditation and soul searching. Driving, specially at night, as slow music plays in the background, and a cold breeze gently touches your face and arms, unleashes a sort of calm energy that transcends one’s existence for a short time.

It helps relax the angry soul, and frees the mind of troublesome thoughts. A car is a medium that transforms the spirit into a magical galloping horse, heading no where in a vast desert under the night sky of twinkling stars and moon light.

But a car has to speak to me, and give me a sign. This is the chemistry I’m looking for. As in any relationship, a car has to be the right one. The right partner that will take you to a different realm nobody can experience except the few. A realm that is different in what it offers for everyone, where they might find what they are searching for.

The chemistry I referred to I’ve found in the types of cars displayed above. True I do not own any of these super cars, but they have whispered something to me. They gave me the sign I was expecting. So did my Toyota hatchback IM 17.

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