Losing the Weight my Way !

Diets ! They come and go during your temporary and short live on this planet. The long and constant thing that may stick to you though is the weight you have accumulated due to years of abusing your body. Losing the weight and trimming that muffin top is not an easy task, and whatever promises you hear about old/new research diets and miracle supplements that will help you lose the weight … they are just a waste of your time and … money. Losing the weight starts -and this is a personal conviction- with changing your mindset towards food itself, the way you consume it, and towards the lifestyle you’re leading in general.

I’ve read about numerous studies on weight loss/gaining. And whether the reasons for weight issues are physical or psychological, I believe it all boils down to implementing a simple daily equation:

 1 xtra Cal In = 1 xtra Cal Out 

While foods at the turn of the last century were completely different from what we have today, in terms of their preparation and nutritious values, it doesn’t mean gaining weight didn’t happen back then. In today’s world, foods are so much variable and more rich in “harmful” substances, a fact proven by the increasing numbers of individuals with overweight problems … around the world. What this means is that you need to make a change in your lifestyle … faster than anytime before.

So if you think diet alone will help you shed those pounds from yesteryears, you are wrong. In order to break free from the vicious cycle of eating unhealthy foods, feeling lazy afterwards, and not working out because you get tired easily, then changing your mindset should begin with:

  • Ceasing every possible chance to be active, around the house and outside it (chores, etc.)
  • Limiting the amount of cash money you carry around when outside. (Ex: Leaving your Credit/debit cards at home/car if possible, so you are not tempted to purchase foods or snacks which would be a good idea)
  • Engaging in a physical sport on a regular basis like Tennis, Table Tennis, swimming, etc.
  • Engaging in a mental activity like playing a musical instrument, drawing or painting, etc.
  • Going to the gym for cardio on a steady/constant weekly basis.
  • Listing food items needed on paper before buying them, and revising that grocery list by crossing off what you don’t need (Be honest with yourself)

A good sign of progressing towards changing the old mindset, is witnessing a constant reduction in the amounts you trash in your recycling bins and garbage pail.

Last word. I want you to remember The Unholy Trinity Mix of food corporations: Salt + Sugar + Oil, and sometimes the level of crunchiness in the processed foods/snacks they make. This is a dangerous combination if your brain gets used to it.

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