What is Radio Betna ?!

A saying from my old country goes like: The ear can fall in love before the eyes do. In other words, it means a person may fall in love with another before they meet, simply because of the sound of their voice.

Sound is one of the important sensors capable of triggering old memories. Memories of friends, family, happy time at home, abroad or anywhere. And memories are what Radio Betna is all about, bringing back past memories to the present, and building up more memories to come. Betna, which translates to “Our Household”, brings music and songs we grew up listing to from the 80’s and the late 70s. The main focus of this internet web based radio is not just music, but lots of it. If you happen to listen to one piece of music or a song, it may suddenly take you years back down memory lane … for an experience that proves to be really useful in today’s world.

Because audio sound has always been one of my favorite medium of communication, it was only natural to use radio as an extension to that medium. However, using radio to broadcast different ideas and point of views in the old country was almost impossible, as the airwaves were owned and controlled by the state, let alone funding the enormous cost of achieving such a feat.

That dream was finally realized on a bigger scale than I’ve ever anticipated here in Canada in 2010. With the explosion of the internet and the easy access it provided to many tools and services, it was possible and feasible to address more congregations worldwide with the two mediums combined than any time before. The power of the internet and radio together have created a new pathway for communication, and when social media is added to the mix, you end up with a new communication medium that’s here to stay.

So, if you are looking for a different music experience, I would like to invite you to take a listen to Radio Betna. But please bear in mind that if you have a high speed connection and would like to listen in high quality audio, then choose our station on Zeno platform. As for metered connections or mobile limited data plans, we are still broadcasting in 64 kb/s as well.

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