Coping with COVID-19

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic fears and social anxiety, we, as people, are still hoping for a vaccine to help fight off the corona virus. Scientist are working hard to develop a vaccine, but we don’t know who long that would take, which makes it difficult for some to cope with what is happening around the world. However, there are two defense lines that we have to work on to protect ourselves and slow down the pandemic.

To me , UFO Grendizer embodies the 2 lines of defense !

The First Line of Defense lies in strengthening our immune system. This entails either changing your dietary options, or enhancing them as follows:

  1. Eating Vegetables, Fruits and citruses on regular basis
  2. Incorporating Garlic and Onions in green salads
  3. Consuming moderate amount of *activated walnuts and almonds
  4. Taking Vitamin C and other supplementary vitamins
  5. Drinking enough water throughout the day
  6. Drinking worm drinks and liquids

The Second Line of Defense is what I refer to as the Practical side which entails the following:

  • Not staying up late
  • Having enough sleep at night
  • Cutting off sugar, salt and sweets
  • Staying away from anxieties and negative thoughts
  • Energizing blood circulation through Yoga/Working out, etc.
  • Practicing social distancing
  • Keeping optimal personal hygiene
  • Washing hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 sec.
  • Sneezing or coughing into your sleeve or inside your shirt

Our hope right now lies with Scientists who are building up on previous vaccine development research during the SARS breakout*. This means they are not starting from scratch, and that in turns means it should take lesser time to develop a vaccine for COVID-19. I stay hopeful that their efforts will be fruitful eventually, but in the meantime, I’m also hopeful that all of us must heed the experts’ advice, and try and work on adopting the aforementioned lines of defense.

Stay Healthy everyone.

*Activated Walnuts/Almonds means soaking the raw nuts in water for 2hr or overnight.

*The SARS vaccine research was in its early phases when it was shelved after the virus was contained successfully.