Terrorists Watch Movies Too !

About a couple of weeks ago was the 18 anniversary of the horrendous terrorist attacks on New York city. Many innocent lives were lost in September 11th, 2001. And even more lives have been lost in the subsequent war on terrorism. While the internet is rife with conspiracy theories trying to decode the attacks, and make sense of what happened, what I’m about to say does not count as a conspiracy theory but rather as … an observation.

Planning any attack of such magnitude requires careful planning in terms of funding, assigning tasks and choosing targets. I will focus on the last one, choosing targets.

The World Trade Center – WTC – was a well known icon and may have represented the economical might of the US. However, it was also regarded as a cultural icon, in my opinion. In fact, it was chosen as the backdrop for filming The Wiz (Starring Diana Ross & Micheal Jackson) back in the 80s, a film based on the famous Wizard of Oz book.

So what’s the connection here? Films are distributed worldwide as we all know as part of their marketing campaigns. They’re watched by millions upon their release in theaters, and if they’re a hit and become popular, they may linger for a long time in the mainstream media, mainly television and DVDs, with “everything” they may contain within from imagery, stories, subliminal messages … to suggestive “ideas”.

The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)

Whether choosing the Twin Towers at the WTC as a target for September 11, 2001 attacks was just a coincidence or was not, we can not deny the fact that terrorists watch movies as well. The similarities between what happened on that tragic day, and the references in the narrative of just a couple of Hollywood movies (watch the embedded YouTube selections) are too hard to avoid.

Conspiracy theories aside, choosing the WTC as a target might have been decided therefore by one person, who is either very familiar with the American Pop culture, and the history of the United States, or by someone who simply watched a lot of American movies.

Back to the Future (1985)